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Pet Solutions

Make your home a pet paradise with our pet products.

You can choose from high quality dog and cat doors, screens that withstand animal scratches (7 times thicker than the regular ones), and screen guards or grills that prevent your pets from ruining your screens. Get in touch with us, your local mobile screen services professional, for guidance on the most suitable products for your situation!

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Our Pet Product Options:

Your pets are your family, but they can also be hard on your screens. We have pet resistant screens, 7 times thicker, that can handle the rough play of your furry friends. Depending on the size and strength of your pet, we can help you choose the best screen for your needs. You can enjoy your screens and your pets without any worries. Our durable pet-friendly screens are the perfect solution to keep your screens safe from your pets.

If you want to protect your screen doors from your pet’s scratches, T & S Mobile Screen Service can help you find the right pet guard for your needs. Pet guards are metal grates that look attractive and prevent your pet from damaging the screens. Our door guards also protect your screens from other things that can ruin them, such as feet, knees, and objects. Depending on the size and behavior of your pet, we can help you choose the best pet guard for your situation.

Do you need a screen with a built-in pet door? Or maybe a pet door added to your existing screen door? We can help with that! Our range of pet doors gives you the option to find a pet door that suits your needs and offers great scratch protection. We will work with you and help you decide what kind of installation works best for you – for example, pet doors can be installed in both swinging and sliding screen doors. Whatever you need for your pet door, our mobile screen services can deliver it for you!

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