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Pet Proof Screens & Accesories

Make your home and screens more pet-friendly with T & S Mobile Screen Service pet screens and accessories.

These products are custom fitted to prevent your pets from damaging your patio doors and window screens. We offer high-quality doggy doors, animal-resistant screens (7 times thicker than the regular screen), and screen guards that protect your screens from your pets. Your windows and your pets are safe with these products that prevent hard collisions against glass.

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Pet screens that can withstand your pets' love for tearing screens.

Our pet screens are made of vinyl-coated polyester that is much stronger than traditional fiberglass screens used on windows and patio doors. Our mobile screen services can custom fit your pet screens to ensure they match your needs every time.

Depending on your pet’s size and the damage they cause, you can choose the best screen for your situation. Pet screens are very durable and are ideal for use in places with high traffic, such as patio and porch enclosures, windows, and doors.

Pet screens for your furry friend who loves to jump on doors.

If you want to protect your screen door from your pet, we have the solution for you.

Pet guards are metal grates that stop pets from scratching at screens. They also protect your screen doors from family feet, knees, and other things that could damage your screen door.

Do you need a screen that already has a pet door in it? Or maybe a pet door that can be installed in your existing screen door?

We can help you with that! We have different types of pet screen doors, so you can find one that suits your needs and prevents scratches. You can have pet screens and doors inside both swinging and sliding screen doors without affecting your current screening system.

T & S Mobile Screen Service is your one-stop shop for your pet screen door needs, and we’ll work with you to find out what kind of setup is best for you.

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