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Custom Solar Screens

Keep your home and patio cool and comfortable with our Custom Solar Screens!

Solar window screens are panels made of special screen mesh that fit onto your windows and porch to block sunlight and reduce heat and glare. The unique window mesh screen design lets you enjoy your view outside but prevents others from seeing inside your home. Plus, solar screens filter 65 to 90 percent of UV rays, keeping your windows from getting hot and helping with solar heat gain coefficients. You can trust T & S Mobile Screen Service sun protection screens to fit your windows tightly and prevent light leakage, custom-made to your window size.

Solar screens from T & S Mobile Screen Service are a cost-effective way to lower heat and glare caused by the sun’s bright rays inside your home and patio. We offer solar screen panels in various colors and styles. Also, our professional installation services offer clipped-on panels for easy removal, or we can install our energy-saving sun protection screens directly to the home to ensure a more secure fitting.

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Key Features we offer:

Our sun protection screens are custom-made and flexible. You can take off your solar window screen panels when the weather is cold and put them back on when the heat comes back. Solar Screens are a great way to save energy throughout the year.

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