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Porch and Patio Screen Enclosures

Screen Enclosures for Patios and Porches

Do you want to transform your home with a stylish and comfortable screen enclosure for your patio or porch? T & S Mobile Screen Service offers high quality metal screening systems that enhance your outdoor space. Our screen enclosure system has wide and tall openings that keep the screen material tight and smooth. The screen enclosures come in 2″ and 3″ extruded post systems depending on the size of your porch project. We can handle any job.

Screen Enclosure options for you:

Screen porches can have chair rail systems that match the color and size of your project. Chair rail systems are usually installed at or around 40″ from the floor level, and they add strength and design to your screen porch. You can choose from 2″ and 3″ systems depending on your preference.

You can add kick panels to the lower part of your extruded porch for extra protection. They come in different heights, colors, and textures. You can choose smooth or embossed kick panels to suit your style. Kick panels are optional.

Depending on how high your porch is from the ground, you may need spindle systems, also known as picket systems, to meet the local safety regulations. Spindle systems are designed to prevent small children from falling. They can also be used with chair rails to create a neat design for your project. If you want to know more about extruded spindle systems.

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Screening Systems for Extruded Porches

Professional Services for Screen Repair and Rescreening

Keep your screen enclosures in good shape with our expert services for screen repair and rescreening. We can fix any problems with your screens, such as holes, damage, or wear, so you can have a comfortable and insect-free outdoor space. We offer a convenient mobile service that comes to your porch or patio. You can rely on us to use quality materials and accurate measurements to provide screens that fit perfectly and last longer.

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